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Separ Filter designs fuel water separators to meet the performance expectations of next-generation diesel engines.

Don't Stop Everything to Service the Filter

Tiffany T. - Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Filter maintenance is unnecessary engine downtime while you are at sea or relying on diesel generator power. The Separ Filter duplexes eliminate the need to service the filter immediately, before resuming operation. Duplex units contain two filters, using one at a time. When the primary filter is in need of maintenance, you can manually switchover to the backup filter for continued engine or generator operation. Then service the primary filter or schedule for a later time. Increase your reliability of uninterrupted power. Existing installations below also feature duplexes with vacuum gauges, which help to monitor the need tobackflush the filter or replace the element.

SWK-2000/10UD-G installed on CAT 3116 Engine

SWK-2000/18UD-G installed on CAT genset 

SWK-2000/130UMK-G installed on MTU 1163 Engine

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