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Separ Filter designs fuel water separators to meet the performance expectations of next-generation diesel engines.

How do you size a Separ Filter for your engine?

Tiffany T. - Thursday, October 08, 2015
Separ Filter SWK-2000 Series

The maximum flow capacity of the filter must be equal or higher than the flow rate of the engine-mounted fuel lift pump. It is very important not to go by the burn rate. Verify the specification with your engine manufacturer or dealer.

For instance, if the maximum flow rate of the fuel lift pump is 120 gallons per hour, the corresponding filter model is SWK-2000/10 (which has a maximum flow capacity of 158 gallons per hour).

Click here to see the range of Separ Filter by flow capacity.

For marine applications, we highly advise installing duplex filters, especially when a vessel is fitted with only one propulsion engine. Duplex filters have a primary and back up filter. When the primary filter requires maintenance, the user can manually  switch to the back-up filter without having to stop the engine.
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