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Separ Filter designs fuel water separators to meet the performance expectations of next-generation diesel engines.

SWK-2000/10 on Heavy Equipment

Tiffany T. - Friday, July 11, 2014
With a flow rate of 158 gallons per hour, the SWK-2000/10 is also compatible for heavy equipment, in addition to marine vessels and agricultural machinery . It is installed here on a CAT loader and Komatsu PC 300 excavator. An improvement to this installation is to include the vacuum gauge, which can be equipped on filter lid already at time of purchase. The vacuum gauge is a useful indication of upcoming maintenance and filter element replacement.

If you already have a SWK-2000/10 without a gauge, you can purchase the new lid with gauge installed here.

See information about the SWK-2000/10-G (version with gauge) on Separ Filter's website and call 954-523-9396 to see if this is the right size for your equipment (North and South American inquiries).

SWK-2000/10 installed on CAT loader

SWK-2000/10 installed on Komatsu PC 300 excavator