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Separ Filter designs fuel water separators to meet the performance expectations of next-generation diesel engines.

Hand Priming Pump Flushes A Nightmare

Tiffany T. - Friday, November 08, 2013
Big thanks to Ross Potter for sharing his Hand Priming Pump review:

"I love my [Separ Filter] hand priming pump. I installed it with replacement of the fuel lines--empty fuel lines and empty filter.  Ten strokes till the filter was filled and resistance felt. After 20 strokes pumping as hard as possible the engine turned and caught right away.  My engine is a Perkins 4108. That engine is a real nightmare to bleed. With your priming pump no bleeding was needed. I consider your priming pump as a safety item. I can change the Racor filter and flush all the air out of the system in less than 2 minutes. That can make the difference between a safe return and losing your boat on the rocks."

Hand Priming Pump Installation