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LKF Automotive
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LKF Automotive
Separ Filter meets the clean fuel demands of smaller diesel engines with the 47 GPH LKF coalescence filter. It is ideal for: small gensets, four-wheel drives, pick-ups, and light-duty trucks.

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  • Separates water and particulate from diesel fuel - ISO/TS 16332 for >95% separation
  • Higher efficiency than SWK-2000 Series for emulsified water
  • Easy maintenance monitoring - Clear bowl to see water level and optional water sensor sends a signal to vehicle
  • Long service life of the element - Clean fuel not consumed by the engine can be re-routed back to the filter
  • 10 micron element installed
  • Flow Rate: 47 GPH / 178 LPH
  • Restriction at Max Flow and 30 Micron Element: .59 in. Hg.
  • Ports: 6 x M14 x 1.5 standard thread
  • Differential Pressure On The Filter: < 0.73 psi (50mbar) at 47 GPH (178 LPH) and 68°F (20°C) fuel temperature (fuel according ot EN 590)
  • Temperature Range For Operation: -13°F - +158°F / -25°C - +70°C
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