SWK-2000-10 Single, Clear Bowl

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SWK-2000-10 Single, Clear Bowl
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SWK-2000-10 Single, Clear Bowl
158 GPH fuel water separator of the SWK-2000 Series. Filter can be mounted directly on diesel engine.
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  • Separates water and particulate from diesel fuel
  • Backflush capability extends period of time between element replacements
  • Low restriction reduces wear on fuel pumps and ensures full RPMs
  • Flexible installation with 2 inlets and 2 outlets
  • Compatible with B100 bio-diesel
  • Available with a variety of filter options
  • Flow Rate: 158 GPH / 600 LPH
  • Restriction at Max Flow and 30 Micron Element: .31 in. Hg.
  • Ports: 7/8-14 Straight O-Ring SAE, which requires #10 MORB
  • White
  • Equipped with 30 micron element unless otherwise specified

Available In:

  • Filter assembly with the combination of water contacts, tapped lid and/or gauge
No Spare Parts

SWK-2000/10 (51-2545) $321.21
SWK-2000/10-10 with 10 Micron Element Installed (51-2547) $321.21
SWK-2000/10-T with Tapped Lid (51-2549) $337.43
SWK-2000/10-G with Gauge (51-2548) $407.73
SWK-2000/10K with Water Contacts (51-2562) $321.21
SWK-2000/10K-T with Water Contacts & Tapped Lid (51-2564) $337.43
SWK-2000/10K-G with Water Contacts & Gauge (51-2563) $407.73


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