Diesel engines and generators depend on clean fuel to keep running reliably. Filtration is the key to reliable critical power, standby power, construction and agricultural machinery, heavy equipment, and marine vessels.

Before The Engine, Before Problems Start

Separ fuel water separators are the first line of defense to remove water and heavy particulate. Designed to be installed before the engine-mounted filter, the staged filtration helps avoid fuel-related failure and prolongs the life of engine-mounted filters.

Filter Assembly

Separ fuel water separators are available in various single and duplex models to suit virtually any application.

While the LKF and EVO-10 are single assemblies, the SWK-2000 offers both single and duplex assemblies.

A duplex assembly is recommended for applications requiring continuous diesel power (e.g. standby power generators, vessels with only one propulsion engine or generators used for prime power).

Sizing By Flow Rate

Separ offers the highest flow rate, at the lowest pressure drop, within the smallest footprint. When selecting a filter assembly size and model, the filter assembly's flow rate must be greater than the lift pump's flow rate (not burn rate). Confirm the burn rate with your engine dealer or Contact Us for assistance.


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