The LKF Series is a coalescence filter with >95% water separation from diesel fuel (ISO/TS 16332). The lightweight, durable, and non-ferrous construction make the LKF ideal for small gensets, four-wheel drives, pick-ups, light-duty trucks.

Coalescence Filter

The LKF is quick and convenient to install, with a long filter service life. The coalescence medium enlarges water droplets to an extent where they can be securely separated on the inner hydrophobic filter medium. Separated water then collects in the lower portion of the bowl for easy draining. While the filter is efficient in design and maintenance, the filter media is serviceable in 3, 6, or 10 micron.

Automotive and Industrial Version

The Automotive (47 GPH) and Industrial (126 GPH) version are both available with an optional water sensor to send a signal for maintenance. The filter's flow rate must be greater than the lift pump's flow rate (not burn rate). Confirm the lift pump's flow rate with your engine dealer or Contact Us for assistance.

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