Fuel water separators ensure the fuel quality delivered to all diesel engines. Proper inline filtration removes contaminants before reaching the engine. Significant advantages in staged filtration include reducing the wear and tear on the fuel system and preventing engine failure.

SWK-2000 Series

  • 79 – 2,060 GPH range
  • 5-stage filtration
  • Single and duplex systems
  • Sensor and gauge options

The filters feature 99% separation of free water and harmful particulates from diesel fuel through its patented 5-stage filtration. Models are available with flow rates from 79 GPH to 2,060 GPH to allow use with virtually all fuel systems.

It is the only filter also offered in a duplex system to ensure uninterrupted power. When the primary filter requires maintenance or if a clog occurs, the fuel system can be switched manually to the secondary filter with little disruption in power.


  • 158 GPH
  • Single system
  • Sensor option
  • Lightweight construction

The EVO-10 provides high separation efficiency with minimal pressure drop. With a max flow rate of 158 GPH, the inline filter is engineered to provide efficient fuel filtration for construction and agricultural equipment as well as truck and standby generator applications.

The lightweight construction compact design is ideal for equipment where corrosion-resistance is critical.

LKF Series

  • 47 or 126 GPH
  • Single system
  • Sensor and heater options
  • Non-ferrous

Lightweight and durable, non-ferrous construction combined with ease of installation and maintenance make the LKF ideal for vehicles, boats, farm and construction equipment, generators and many other light to medium-duty applications.

The standard elements feature two different filter media. Notable options include water sensors and heating for use in cold climates.

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