The Hand Priming Pump bleeds the fuel system of air after servicing the filter or repair to the fuel system. The lightweight, non-ferrous, and durable construction is most ideal for construction, transportation, off-road machinery, agriculture, and trucking industries.

Manual Primer

Both easy to install and to use, the hand priming pump is a simple solution to reducing startup time after engine or fuel system maintenance. The lightweight, non-ferrous composition has strength and durability for mobile machinery as well as installed equipment.

Simple Fit and Function

The Hand Priming Pump can be installed in any direction, and positioned after the fuel water separator. Recommended for use with the Separ SWK-2000/5, SWK-2000/5/50, SWK-2000/10, SWK-2000/18, SWK-2000/40, LKF Series, EVO10, or your existing prefilter. To operate, simply twist the collar to prime position and use the plunger until primed. Return to flow position and restart engine.

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