The Separ Filter EVO-10 is a non-ferrous fuel water separator designed to be installed in-line of the fuel system to protect engines from free water and particulate present in diesel fuel. The lightweight and durable construction is most ideal for construction, transportation, off-road machinery, agriculture, and trucking industries.

Water Separator / Primary Filter

As fuel is pulled into the filter, it passes through internal vanes in a rotational movement. This motion separates water and particulates from the fuel, allowing them to settle at the bottom of the bowl for easy draining. The fuel then flows into the filter pre-chamber which leads to the pleated element which captures remaining suspended particulates and water droplets. Cleaned fuel then flows to the outlet chamber and on to the engine.

Single Filter Assembly

The EVO-10 is a single filter assembly with a maximum flow rate up to 158 GPH. The water-in-fuel sensor is optional, and recommended to send a signal when water must be drained from the bowl. The filter is compatible with engines that have a lift pump flow rate (not burn rate) that is equal to or less than 158 GPH. Confirm the lift pump flow rate with your engine dealer or Contact Us for assistance.

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